Our Story

We are the “Stop Wagner Group”, a small group of former humanitarian workers with experience in various conflict zone. We directly or indirectly witnessed the actions and behaviour of Wagner mercenaries on the field. We have also all seen the difficulty to get victims to talk on the matter, and the silence of governements and local authorities employing the PMC.

Their crimes started years ago in Ukraine. Now the Wagner Group is active in dozens of country in Africa and the Middle East. All the while, the complicity of local authorities prevent the circulation of information on the true scale of the crimes comitted by Wagner. This situation should not endure, that is why we decided to do to our part against this group. Our goal is to centralize all available data on the Wagner Group, and to share the contributions of journalists and scholars.

Respect of humanitarian law is our prime concern.

That is why we cannot let mercenaries act unpunished. Wagner Group is taking advantage of war-torn countries. They brutalize the vulnerable populations while challenging UN peacekeepers and humanitarian workers. All this, to promote money hungry and opaque companies interested only in pillaging resources.

Many journalists, experts, NGO’s and victims have already been trying to raise awareness on the violation of armed conflict laws by the PMC. We invite you to join in: testify and share these information around you!